Smoke Project

If you would like to help us get Investitude out to a wider audience of people, we ask that you join in our Smoke Project. The Smoke Project seeks to promote Investitude to a wider audience of readers and viewers through various word of mouth venues (e.g., personal email contacts, blogs, and media sources).

If you would like to help us spread the word about Investitude, here are 6 ways that you can be apart of our Smoke Project.

1. Purchase Investitude as a special gift for your family members, friends, students, church members, and others that have been negatively affected by our economy being in a recession.

2. Email a link to our Investitude website to your personal email contacts asking them to buy a copy of Investitude.

3. Share your copy of Investitude with others by referencing it to your friends to answer financial questions as well as passing it on once you are done with it.

4. Post a link to on your blog or message board and ask your viewers to check it out.

5. Make a request to your local newspaper, radio station, and/or other media sources in your area to interview the author of Investitude.

6. Write a book review to local media sources in your area about Investitude and let us know so that we can post it on our website

7. Start a book club and discuss the contents of Investitude and contact our Investitude team and ask us to visit your group once they have completed the book.

Thank you for your support of Investitude and getting involved with our Smoke Project Initiative.