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“Can two walk together [financially] unless they agree?”  


                 Mr. Juan Chisholm, Author of Investitude

Christian couples tend to astonish the world in the ways in which they walk side by side in their marriages, business partnerships, and even the rearing of their children. But, if there is one important area in which these amazingly powerful couples tend to take up their swords and clash, it’s in the area of their finances.  In Amos 3:3, a rhetorical question is presented:  “Can two walk together, except they be agreed?” (King James Version).  The simple truth is no.  

Moreover, a true clash in any home, marriage, family, or business can come when there are two or more parties that fail to agree about their finances.  These types of disagreements involving finances could range from issues such as creating a solid financial plan; deciding on financial goals; agreeing on retirement; determining where to put financial resources and others.  One party might want to put the finances towards immediate bills while another may strive to put financial resources toward either saving and investing for the future.  These are just some of the multitude of issues that may be in dispute.  However, please be careful when broaching financial issues.  These types of conflicts have the potential to become very ugly and have the potential to ruin homes, marriages, families, and businesses. At best, these disputes may transform into pointless quarrels that have nothing to do with finances. 

Nevertheless, there is a solution for this clashing that can be accomplished in 7 easy steps.  It will take the cooperation of both parties working together as a team to accomplish common goals.  If you are ready to stop the clashing, here’s how to find financial success as a team.  

7 Solutions to End Financial Clashing 

1. Agree to discuss your finances.

Pick an afternoon when all parties are free. Turn off your phones and other interruptions and select a quiet and confidential environment (e.g., your living room) since you will be discussing very private matters.

2.  Set Ground Rules.

These are the rules that you will use to discuss your finances.  For example, agreeing not to curse, yell, interrupt one another (while speaking), partake in name-calling or other derogatory language, and use this as an opportunity for personal attack.  In addition, this means agreeing to not throw one another’s short falls or mistakes at each other. 

3.  Find Out the Concerns of Both Parties.                       

Give a sheet of paper to each person present.  Have each side draft all their concerns on one side of the paper. 

4.  Find Out the Goals of Both Parties.

Then, without seeing the other person’s concerns, on the back of the same paper, individually list your goals for the family, marriage, home, or business that you would like to see accomplished in the order of priority within the following time frames:

Short-Term Goals

    Short-Term goals are goals that you would like to accomplish within a year up to five years.  For example, fixing the plumbing; planning a summer vacation; paying for your semester of college; saving 40% of your income; buying a summer home or timeshare; and others. 

Long Term Goals

    Long-Term goals are goals that you would like to see accomplished over the next five to ten plus years.  For example, retiring at the age of 45; eliminating your credit card debts and student loans; paying off your home mortgage; and others.

5.  Share your individual concerns and goals with the other person.

      Compare your list of goals with the other person. Listen intently to each other without interrupting. Ask questions (without attacking) in order to get a better understanding of the significance of the items listed

6.  Determine your common goals.

Take your time and review the short term and long term goals that each of you articulated. Determine a final set of common goals that you can both agree on working towards.

7.  Celebrate your accomplishments!

Determine low budget ways of celebrating every time you fulfill a goal or achieve a landmark. For example, maybe celebrate with a movie night at home; or an affordable meal at your favorite restaurant; or a day trip to the beach each time you reach one of your goals.

For more information on this subject, purchase a copy of my second book: “Investitude” by visiting my website:  I pray that this article is a blessing to you and your family.          

About Juan Chisholm

Mr. Juan P. Chisholm is the author of two financial books:  How To Make Your Past, A Blessing To Your Future (ISBN: 0-9755110-0-9) and Investitude (ISBN: 978-0-9755110-1-5), a noted motivational speaker, and a respected authority on business and finance.  He is the President/CEO of Chisholm Investments & Financial Services, LLC, a business consulting firm and Young Investors, Inc, a nonprofit corporation that educates individuals on investing.  He also completed a program in Strategic Finance from the Harvard Business School in Boston.  If you would like to purchase a copy of one of his books or have him speak at an event, please visit his websites: and  Mr. Chisholm may also be emailed at  

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